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Spanish Comeback

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Does the Rally Still Has Legs? (animation)

Use the modified haDelta to determine important market peaks


Heikin-Ashi + Ichimoku = More Confidence

Two independent technical signals combining heikin-ashi with Ichimoku.


Another Price Target Hit (PCLN) target set to $564

Target reached.

Use Heikin-Ashi to Calculate Price Targets

Crude target set to 98.23

Target reached.


XAU target price set to 176.30

XAU target reached.


The Recent Gold and Silver Breakout: Advantage haDelta!


Use haDelta to Get Ahead of the Crowd


Facebook: Impeccable Trends

Impeccable Facebook Trends


Are You Missing Trends? Use Heikin-Ashi.


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Heikin-Ashi: An Explosive haDelta Signal for EURUSD +308 pips

As anticipated last week: haDelta is a very powerful indicator with immediate implications for any trader.

Heikin-Ashi: The Predictive Power of haDelta

The haDelta indicator shows an obvious weakness of the market days before the retreat today, October 17, 2011.

On the other side, heikin-ashi chart in the upper pane reveals very clear trends and reversals.

Heikin-Ashi: The 10-Second Trend Technique

Time is precious. In the markets, seconds can make the difference between success and failure, gaining and losing. Imagine using a chart technique that allows you to more easily identify a trend.
Heikin-ashi is a Japanese visual technique that takes ambiguity out of Japanese candlesticks patterns and allows traders to apply another layer of data and precision to their trading. In addition, heikin-ashi is also quantifiable and removes subjective and artistic candlestick patterns from your charts and trading.

You need less than ten seconds to see the trend and take a decision.

S&P 500
(Japanese candlestick chart vs. heikin-ashi chart)

S&P 500
(Japanese candlestick chart vs. heikin-ashi chart)

Trends Have Memory

Each trend has a birth, a life, and a death, and during this time, itís important to see trends as clearly as possible. Traders, technical analysts, and software platforms have spent huge effort and capital to identify trends and develop strategies that capture as much as possible from any trend, whether it ranges from 1-minute to yearly charts. Finding that magic bullet has proved to be a difficult task.

Today, we introduce heikin-ashi  technique that can provide additional insight and accuracy to your trades.
These chart galleries tell a compelling story.

Dow Jones Transportation Average
(Japanese candlestick chart vs. heikin-ashi chart)